Our Team

Jock Millican

Non-Executive Chairman

Jock brings with him many years involvement as an investor, director, mentor and consultant to many SME and start-up businesses. As well as Cosneta, Jock is also Chairman of LINC Scotland (The Scottish Business Angel Capital Association) and Totseat. Jock also has director interests in Equity Gap, which he founded and his own management consultancy, Millican Associates.

David Campbell

Investor Director

A well known Angel Investor, David has served on the Board of Directors of over 20 companies. He has a successful track record of leading high growth businesses through to exit and is currently Chairman of Airborne Energy (vertical wind turbine), Sentient Medical Ltd (ear implants), and Funky Moves (interactive fitness equipment). He is also Financial Director of AlbaTERN Ltd, (wave power), as well as having other investments. In his spare time David also runs a family farm.

Dr David Simpson

Non Executive Director

Professor Simpson has served on the boards of over 100 start-up companies. He has a long and illustrious career of which the high points include founding the British subsidiary of Hewlett Packard, founding the Semiconductor subsidiary of the Hughes Company in Scotland, serving as President of the Gould Corporation in Chicago and serving as Chairman of Bookham Technology prior to its IPO.   David co-founded the Elvingston Science Centre (with his wife, Janice Simpson) in East Lothian which he currently manages.

Stuart Jamieson

Company Secretary

Stuart is Company Secretary for Cosneta and has over 25 years experience in systems, software and hardware design. Stuart describes himself as a commercially aware technologist having skills in strategy, marketing and sales as well as a software and electronic engineering background.

Ross McLean


Ross has a marketing and product management background. He has over 23 years’ experience in the IT and telecoms industries, including as a Head of Product management at Thus PLC where he managed a department of 23 people, with responsibility for delivering revenues of over £200m. Ross is responsible for business strategy, marketing, go to market, commercial and financial functions within the company.

Claim to Fame

Ross once went for a 10K run with a former British F1 driver, but won’t do it again. At the end of the run the F1 driver didn’t look like he had broken sweat, whereas Ross was a wheezing wreck!

Greatest Passion

Cycling, you’ll frequently see Ross in his bright yellow luminous jacket out on the cycle paths around the west coast of Scotland.

Chris Roberts

Software Visionary

While playing computer games, Chris’s had an ephiphany that he should become a software developer. His interest in gaming drove him to go to university to learn. Chris has skills in, C++. C#, Xamarin, QT, Unity, unreal script and PC animation.

Claim to Fame

Chris once made it onto “Ooops!”, a nationwide childrens TV program where he told a ‘silly story’. Chris claims he can’t remember what the story was, but is grateful it happened pre social media.

Greatest Passion

Chris really enjoys cooking. His speciality dish is ‘Hunters Chicken’ and although he isn’t a Michelin stared chef we are reliably told it is very, very tasty.

John McCallum

Chief Software Architect

Graduating with a BSC (Hons) in Physics, John has 22 years experience in software development and delivery, within companies including BAE Systems, Ultra Electronics, GE Harris, Emerson Network Power (a USA based fortune 500 company), Ingenico and Comcarde. His many skills include programming in C, C++, Unix shells, Pro-C and Visual Basic 6 in an environment such as VxWorks, Linux and Windows.

Claim to Fame

At one time John was famed for being the Games convener at University, which meant he helped when bands played live gigs. He is pretty sure he met many of the bands, but for some reason doesn’t remember much about it. Hmmmm!

Greatest Passion

John has in the past enjoyed the camaraderie of role play adventures and has been known to visit supermarkets in full costume during breaks. John now says he is too grown up for that. Yeah, sure!

Phil McCauley

Software Visionary

Phil has been programming since he was 13 years old (now 15 years ago, allegedly). Video games peeked Phil’s interest in software development when he got interested in programming for the game, Dungeon Keeper. He hasn’t looked back and is now tester and a developer at cosneta. Phil has skills in C++, Java, Html, CSS, Php, MySQL, QT, Git and Windows.

Claim to Fame

Phil once let the let singer for “Belle and Sebastian” (Scottish Band) jump the queue for toilets at a concert in Glasgow, but only after extracting a promise to give everyone in the toilet queue a shout out from the stage.

Greatest Passion

Outside work Phil’s interest is writing short stories for online forums.