About Us

Our passion has always about been about getting things done quickly, conveniently and effectively.

There is always something else to do, so why make life more difficult. If you are spending time forcing technology to work or shifting seats on the Titanic then the things that are valuable and rewarding aren’t getting the time they deserve.

The Cosneta name is derived from the words Collaboration and network. We want to turn up, turn on and get started working with each other, at the touch of a button. We found the organisation and getting different technologies to work together, time consuming and frustrating. We knew we could do better and so Cosneta was born.

Our Aims

Our aim is to develop a range of liberating services, tools and applications that are natural to use and enable people to fully express themselves.

Cosneta is in the business of enabling people to:

  • Use freedom of expression
  • Work with colleagues without barriers, with solutions that make group working simple.
  • Speed up the collaborative process
  • Enable people to use technology as easy as using paper.

Our Values

These are the things that are important to us and against which we want to be measured:

Customer Value

We want our customers to love what we do and that it is of real benefit and value. Everything we do is for you. We know we can’t run a business without customers, so you’ve got to be close to our hearts.


Technology Needs to be Fun and Simple to Use

We like to push back the barriers of technology and find answers to the problems that technology can bring, without complicating things. That means keeping it simple and making our products easy for people to use. We appreciate good design and technology that works well.


Being Passionate About What We Do, with a Thirst for Knowledge

We want to be acknowledged as experts in our field, but we don’t pretend to know it all and we are always eager to explore new directions and work with others.


Open and Listening

We love it when people give us feedback. That openness is the essence of a great team and that is what we are building at Cosneta. A place where have respect for what others say and where great ideas can be heard and acted upon.


Community Driven

We want to be close to the communities we create in our business, where we live and the people we work with. Cosneta is an integral part of them and them of us.

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